Monday, August 2, 2010

In Pueblo and loving it!!

I somehow lucked out and got to bring two horses to Pueblo (I kind of just put the 2nd one in the trailer before I left), Wade wasn't thrilled about it, but he will survive. I also learned about a free horse, and convinced my parents to drive him to Durango, where we met for the family vacation. Now I have three horses, or as Wade would say, "three too many", but I am having fun riding them, and I found a pasture where they could be turned out and eat as much grass as they can find.
Wade and I have been driving a lot for appointments for work, we drive a couple hours everyday and finding enough work to keep up busy. So far everything is working out pretty well.
I also just bought a treadmill and am planning to walk/run on it everyday. I hope to get back into shape and run a marathon one of these days. I also have trained the dog to jump on the treadmill so he can burn some of his energy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello Out There in Cyberland!

So, after read a couple blogs we have been convinced that its time to start our own. Just so we can help keep people up to date on our recent wanderings. Wade is currently in Pueblo, Colorado, waiting for me to get there, as I am still in Kingman. I am planning on taking one horse with me, Ricky Bobby, so I can have fun riding while we live in Colorado. Wade already talked to the guy we boarded with last year and reserved a spot for my one, lone horse. Its a really neat place, the river runs right by it, and there is a lake within a mile.

Wade already found us a nice, cozy, one bedroom basement apartment to live, AND promised to put in an air conditioner. He also found a desk, so we will have furniture. I imagine he is getting a little anxious for me to arrive, since I will have a bulk of our everyday items, such as the tv, computer, bed, kitchen items and such.

We are planning on attending the family vacation, it was discussed today that instead of going to California, we are going to go to Durango, Colorado, there is a train ride that would be a lot of fun, and the family is going to be staying a couple days. We are really looking forward to it.